Property Management

Property Management

Have the landlord-tenant laws and regulations become too complex and time-consuming to navigate for you to self-manage your rental/investment properties? If so, Heritage Realtors & Property Management is here to help! With a short 12-month commitment, we will provide all phases of property management on your behalf.

Our services include

  • Initial property review to ensure all safety and habitability requirements are satisfied.
  • List property on numerous rental property websites.
  • Provide various methods for potential tenants to submit their application and supporting documents.
  • Screen applicants to ensure minimum credit and income requirements are met.
  • Execute a Lease/Rental Agreement and provide tenant with all required Federal and State disclosures.
  • Provide monthly accounting and collection of rents.
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs as required.
  • Disperse funds to vendors, if required, and deposit balance in owner’s account.
  • Post tenant notices and provide legal services as may be required.

Our management fee is between 6-10% of collected rents, depending on numbers and types of properties managed.

Property owners are responsible for maintenance and legal fees as agreed.

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